Sunday, December 11, 2016

End of 2016 and 19 days to Jan 1, 2017!

My last blog post shows that I have taken at least two years off from blogging because of work and life related issues, although it has always been more about work. I will take this chance to announce that I am going to leave, whether temporarily or permanently I am not sure as that will depend on how things go, professional academia for the coming year. So, this site will become the space where I will reclaim my intellectual and scholarly independence. I am not sure how long more will I keep this blog as a separate research site, since research will begin to take on a different meaning for me now and this blog was started to document, albeit rather irregularly, my journey as a PhD student back in 2010. I have graduated more than two years now, and have also worked in the academic world of Malaysia for about almost the same amount of time.

However, I might use the chance, beginning from this week, to document the journey of discovery I will be embarking on, as I will begin reading outside the narrow confines of my expertise and to explore things old and new, while also prepping myself with a roadmap (I prefer not to call it a plan, as plans change all the time) to navigate the coming year.

May all of you take this chance to slow down and think through why are you doing the things you do; and also not to be to quick to dismiss an idea or a thought as irrelevant or silly, or be overly judgemental (something which I need to remind myself constantly),  just because they do not fit with your self-image or assumptions about yourself.

Cheers for the year end and the new year

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