Monday, August 24, 2009

why is it so hard to find time to write

And read! It started out really slowly. I was on a downbeat despite looking forward to vegetating after an exhausting tour, which I have yet to blog about. And after one week of being back, a week to recover from exhaustion, I find myself having no more time..arrgh

DVD driver working perfect now, which is great. Time to go through all the stuff from Siggraph, and also some.

I told a class today that my project is on semiotics and signs, and the unlocatability of consciousness studied through epistemology...and I said physics and mathematics (Wissenschaft) are my game...yet I have not read anything beyond Karen Barad's "Meeting the Universe Halfway" in the last few days. And I still have to write that damn conference paper (topic excites me but the idea of trying to find enough time to do it isnt...why am I always so overly ambitious with my topics?)

TA slots switch...schedule still a is almost midnight and what the heck am I doing awake??

Time runs and runs away from me.
Did I say i just read a para of Simondon's L'invention dans les techniques? Kinda in the style of Merleau-Ponty's "Natur"

ok, bedtime before another long day tomorrow (and early morning German 1)....I am both afraid and excited about this semester...and I still have a paper to write for a conference. Should I post the abstract here and get some feedback? But then, I don't know who's going to be doing the feedback on the blog.

p.s. I got a bunch of books on the LHC and the history of string theory development...and guess what I did over the weekend instead of pouring over them. I went camping.

And this week, I will have the unpleasant task of dropping a class which does interest me but does not fulfill my focus for this semester...(why can't we have it all?)

Guten Nacht!


  1. It sounds you're hitting the ground running upon returning from your travels. I, for one, would love to read your abstract. Perhaps I could offer some feedback that would spur your writing of the paper itself. Vielen Glueck with your work this semester -- looking forward to reading your musings on this blog.

  2. Hey Kinohi,
    I'll let you read the first draft, not just the abstract...hehe :)