Why sleep is good

When I was a kid, I love sleep. I used to have this school holiday practice of sleeping early (forcing myself to do so even when I didn't want to) and then making myself wake up early and planned a bunch of activities for myself that did not necessarily me meant I had to leave my home. Growing up the 20th century without all the ubiquitous electronics and 24/7 streaming services made this fairly easy (especially when the TV goes dead by a certain time). Sure, I was also the kid that enjoyed staying up and watching old movies (be they Malay or Hollywood classics), so I do that too. But the most important thing of all, I slept well regardless.  Heck, even when I failed an exam, I still slept well. When I resented someone, I slept well. As a kid, we probably had the natural habit of not allowing any of the emotions of the day carry into bedtime and the next day. This practice is something we forget as adults. As part of my own enforced well-being practice on weekends (I am getting bet

Continuing updates on Artscience: A Curious Education

Update 2: Here is another talk I gave to a more arts-centred audience on some theories as well as art practices inspired by my book   Update: I'd uploaded a preview chapter of my book on my Academia page as a teaser.   I just completed a booktalk last Friday and will be doing another in May June, together with Universiti Sains Malaysia. focusing on a different topic. Will post on the event once confirmation and details are received.  I found this old blog post about my residency at the Oregon State University Libraries Resident Scholar program and am reposting it here only because some of the work I did there made its way into the book!  The book should have made its way to a number of main bookstores such as Silverfish books, Kinokuniya, MPH and Popular. You can also find some copies at Litbooks at Tropicana and also at The Space, Penang. My book is now available as Print-on-Demand in Singapore: Here is the link to the onl

Video of my talk "Shapes of Knowledge: Speculative Fiction Through Artscience" under the Lloyd Fernando Seminar Series by Universiti Malaya's English Dept

 For those who missed my talk last Friday (April 23, 2021), you can now catch it here on Youtube. In the talk, I also mentioned Hikayat Hang Tuah and Sulalatus Salatin, and Puteri Gunung Ledang. Watch on to know why.  Please click to expand this blog post for the link to appear.  

Forthcoming book talk webinar at 3pm, GMT+8, EST + 12, April 23, 2021.

Image   Shapes of Knowledge: Speculative Fiction Through Artscience A talk presented by Clarissa Ai Ling Lee from the Drama Department of the Faculty of Creative Arts at University of Malaya Friday, 23 Apr 2021 from 3.00 - 5.00 pm Video call link: More on the book here .    

How to get research done even when you think you have no time

We live in a very bureaucratic world, where productivity is measured by the amount of busywork you are able to complete, even though you may not realize that in doing this, you are actually giving away your time for free.   For a busy academic, there are so many things that make demands on your time: teaching, administrative work, community outreach, supervisions, meetings for everything under the sun, building industrial connections, and of course, doing everything else you are supposed to do to keep up with your identity as a scholar/scholar-practitioner.   Here, I am going to talk a bit about the hacks in getting research and research writing done even when you feel overwhelmed and not quite up to it. This is something I am grappling with as there is now a 500% increase of demand on my time compared to last year. Regardless whether you are teaching two courses or four courses a semester, there are ways to still keep research going, even if you think what you are doing seemed petty o

Research-led teaching; research impact; and the politics of journal publishing, predation and prestige.

 For the first time in my academic career of 6.5 years since PhD graduation, I am expected to teach both an undergraduate and postgraduate course, within about a month since commencing my duties as a senior lecturer at my present institution. This is both exciting yet a little anxiety-provoking, not because I do not believe in my capabilities, but because there are so many new things to grapple with, and also because I am given the free hand of figuring out my course content (as long as the institutionally-approved learning outcomes are intact) while figuring out how to deliver them to students whom I have not met, and who are very different from the students I had been surrounded by prior. The exciting about the courses is that I get to learn along side the students (I mean, I have never taught classes specific to drama/performance arts!) and at the same time, use this time to question what I understand about art (because this is the first time in my entire academic career that I am a

Looking for postgrad candidates interested in pursuing a research degree on artscience

I  am now accepting post graduate candidates intent on pursuing an MA by research/PhD on a topic that speaks to #artscience in any way imaginable (even in ways that I do not myself pursue at this time). I am working on starting up various artscience related initiatives, so am looking for students who will not only be a student, but someone who could be a collaborator, in ways that would be advantageous to their work. Therefore, I am most interested in highly motivated individuals. Interested candidates should get in touch with me about their topics and on applying to the University of Malaya. Scholarships and assistantships are available too