Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project is restarting for 2010

The end of the Fall 2009 saw a dearth of posting on this blog. The project for which this blog was started is still ongoing. Whast I am doing now is sit back from the actual creation of the project to work on two levels

1. To collect data and observations by participating in conferences, meetings and even to attempt to go to the original source of the 'blackbox' site.
2. To explore and analyze the methodologies which I am pursuing in order to ground the project more concretely.
3.To look at other sites of discursive intellectual practices that will inform and enrich this work (since I am still doing coursework, this is not that hard to do, though it does leave me with little time to spend on pursuing this work).
4. Always thinking about the meaning of this project.

What I need to try to do this weekend is come out with a costing for site visit, draw up a brief proposal as to the purpose of this project, include the reason why I need to do site visit, and then follow up on the news that's going on with the LHC (though much of the news at this point concentrates more on its performance capability rather than on its physics, as someone has pointed out).

I'll be reading a bunch of theoretical and anthropological works relating to this project (which I've been fortunate enough to work into some of my coursework), and I'll be posting out my thoughts on them on this blog as I go along.

Also, this blog may occasionally take a detour through postings of seemingly unrelated but still relevant but quirky nuggets and scholarly pieces.

As for my work that relates more to ancient epistemologies (the retentive aspect of the Husserlian model), I've not a lot to report as work is going very slowly at that end, since I've only managed to make very short excursions to that part of the world for this project (maybe I should switch over to doing more archival work over here at the States since I am more or less going to be 'stuck' here for quite a bit prior to my prelims. AIP looks like it has an interesting archive for history of physics research (and they provide some funding to help you in that too). Also, I need to visit the Huntingdon library over on the West Coast and also find time to check out the Rhine Institute library on paraphenomenal (parapsychological) research for the 'historiography of epistemology' aspect of my project.

I need to come up with a reading list for my research field that will ground me more strongly, theoretically, for this work that I will be doing. And I need to do that REAL soon. Wished I haven't been too distracted over the winter break.

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