Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raising money for my work

I wish fervently that there is a specific fund I can apply to where the jury that dispenses the fund will understand what I am trying to drive at with this project that I am doing with the LHC, high energy physics and basically comparative critical theory on science, gender and epistemic politics. I suppose I am beginning to despair slightly over ever getting funding to go to CERN this summer, especially after having failed in securing funding from one of the potentially biggest funder (this is not my lucky year as every place I've applied to seem to have more "eligible and qualified" applicants than funds. I am not sure if it's the economic downturn that's spurring this or there's just a sudden emergence of scholars. Being interdisciplinary and doing something that is potentially different also doesn't help. Maybe I need to sell my soul to corporations to get some money? It seems that those who critique the "corportization of knowledge" do not seem to notice that much of our money is in the hands of those who specializes in making money. Sometimes, I wish I am independently wealthy so i need not spend and waste all these time applying/begging (mostly futilely) for funding. I need to figure out another way even as I spend this summer studying for my exams, finishing up two assignments, and figure out how I can do research with minimal money.

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