Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer plans

I haven't been getting to it as much as I could due to some other work that I had to finish since the ending of the Spring semester two weeks back (but I am happy to say that I managed to finish reading a book that gives one a good basic overview of the LHC, have managed to keep up with the research updates going on in CERN, especially where the Top quark is concerned) and am getting more into the technical details of the convoluted work involved. Of course, beyond reading and following the technical physics, I would have to spend time reading all the philosophical and sociology of physics work. I am excited at the prospect of being at CERN come early July. Prior to that, I am going to have to plan out my research program while I am there, not to mention the tonnes of reading I have to do beforehand, especially the three-volume history of CERN (I will write review on that once I can get through them, which I hope to do this summer) and also some other cool physics stuff. So this would mean hanging around more in the high energy physics departments on days when I do not have my German-for-reading classes.

I always feel there are to few days in a summer and just too much to be done.

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