Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beam going, physics going on at the LHC

I know I haven't written about the last few days about my work, and I hope to remedy that soon. So far, too many things to catch up on and I'm exhausted post international travel. But I'll like to paste the page to this interesting site that will keep you informed of some of the most important parameters experimentalists at the LHC are looking up for and how much weight they place on these factors in helping them in elucidating an experimental breakthrough that will either explain or disproved existing theories of particle and nuclear physics

 Refresh this link for constant updates, though some updates may not come for hours. The increasing luminosity is good news for the physicist, for they place much weight on its ontological importance for good and high quality collisions.

Now I have to go back to preparing for tomorrow's visit to the Niels Bohr Library and Archive. I haven't had time to go see much of the sights yet, being tired as I am now. Might just sleep early instead and wake up to a fresh start. Nonetheless, more interesting things will happen in the weeks to come, especially in the dead of the night (as it has happened throughout my two weeks at CERN).

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