Sunday, October 24, 2010

Research at this stage

Well, I have to admit that I haven't done more work on the LHC at this point, being distracted as I am with completing the final leg of my coursework requirements. However, there are other things I am working on at the other end which will be useful for taking a distant approach to my research. However, I would have to start going back to direct research once I am done with exams and all.

At the moment, I have started a series of science fiction blog entries that can be found in my other blog.

If you can read Malay, I have started an episodic series for a science fiction 'novel' I am writing. See the first one here. The purpose for that will become clear as I work through the series. :)

On the other, I am studying how epistemology occur for other disciplines to find that common denominator.

I have spent the greater part of my free time writing out the project proposal for a fellowship I am applying for. I hope that pans out as it will provide the giant leap for my work. I have two more pending revisions. All deadlines are next week! Not to mention the fact I have to write a book review on two books related to science studies for my feminist historiography class. So back to more Latour, which is a mixed blessing (though the 'curse' is in the deadline).

There is always this challenge in trying to understand how much that one learns from unrelated disciplines that can be useful to thinking about one's work. Currently, I am spending most of my time studying Southern histories of the US (mainly to fulfill the requirements for a course, but I am also becoming more interested in the question of race and gender as articulated in these histories). On a more related note, I am attending a working group on the history of science and the literary form, which is as close as I can get to a science studies working group here that currently concentrates more on the biological sciences, though I hope it would move on to the other areas soon, I have tried the philosophy of biology working group here but the level of knowledge of biology I would need to understand what is going on proves to be beyond me, though I may still give it a try at a later stage, should my schedule clear up a bit more). I guess that is what they meant by philosophy as practiced in the American academy becoming increasingly beholden to 'science.' I would probably be shot by many philosophers of the different fields of 'science' for saying this.

I still need to collate the bunch of materials I have collected over the summer, especially from the Niels Bohr Library. Need to organize my 'knowledge' fields and gaps.

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