Monday, November 21, 2011

Post physics conferences workplan

Being home for a day since the past 1.5 weeks of very stimulating while also exhausting excursion to Europe means that it is now time to sit back and think through all that I have learned. I have two separate conferences to follow up on, in terms of content and direction. For now, I will begin by revisiting the material from the emergent quantum theory conference, mapping out the foundational questions, then linking that to some of the science fiction material I will be reading. Then the next one will be about all the new data analysis and physics outlook stemming from the HCP conference. It is so weird to spend my Monday back in Durham instead of in an auditorium of the Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris. More to come. Now that it is Thanksgiving weekend, I'll have plenty of time to catch up on work without driving myself to the brink.

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