Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reading list

Recently, I've been geeking out alot on Amazon, looking for non-library material to fill my dissertation hit list. As I receive each of these books, I'll talk about them here. What I am happy about, most recently, is that I finally found a compromise for my dissertation: I get to, somewhat, write about what interests me, while conforming to the strictures of my discipline and the dissertation. But the challenge ahead remains. Now I have to write that first chapter,  compile a bibliography (that I will add to over here), and also expand that proposal outline into a fleshy prospectus.

This Monday, I found an English translation to L Mandelstamm and Ig Tamm article on "The Uncertainty Relation Between Energy and Time in Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics." It was in a bound volume of the Russian Journal of Physics that Duke Library happens to have. What brought about that interest? Well, it has to do somewhat with quantum fluctuations and semi-classical mechanics.

Yesterday, I found some interesting references to speculative physics in Romantic philosophy. Now I have a specific journal to look up even if my reading German is still relatively crap.

Also, now that Lynn Margulis has passed on, my desire to read her books have increased. Probably bring one on a trip with me to DC. Oh yes, DC...time to geek out planning out all the books I'll like to atttack there.

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