Monday, January 5, 2015

New research role as early career researcher and new faculty member

I have been largely absent from these pages as I had been busy finishing up my PhD dissertation, graduating, taking some final classes, traveling to Europe for research, working on some non-academic science studies writings and also revising articles for academic journal submissions, all in the time span of my silence. Of course, looking for suitable academic/scholarly base has also consumed my time. AND, taking a bit of a break from all things academic (though there is never such a thing, that is, when you still have a foot in).

Now, I am back and am a new faculty at a teaching intensive university to beef up on that teaching portfolio while trying to maintain an active research profile as much as possible. Am now working on some book projects, while pushing out articles to test out the ideas for those books. Of course, there is the role of applying for research grants and supervising future graduate students.

Hope to find time to write here while attempting to maintain a balance - though it would be some time before I achieve my groove.

Cheers to 2015!


  1. Hi Clarissa, Congratulations on the new job! Hope that works out well. All best! Tamara

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